Monday, November 19, 2007

Sand Box

I'm not sure what happened to this post but here it is again. I feel that Wiki's would be a useful tool in the workplace to share ideas with groups-allowing everyone to have a say and also having it seen by all. It could also allow large groups to have discussions without having to find a time and place that would be convenient for everyone involved.

The End

I have learned a lot from this program. The challenge will be to find time to use some the sites so I can remember how to use them. I liked using YouTube to see/listen to old music videos. If we are offered another program like this I would like to participate. Next time though, I will do my blogs as I go along instead of waiting until the end to do them.

Project Gutenburg

After playing with Net Library and then Project Gutenburg, I was able to download "Beowulf" with assistance from Chris. These systems would be very useful to our commuter customers. It would give them access to audio books 24/7. Now if I can only teach my wife how to download items....

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I looked at all the directories. I listened/watched several podcasts but could not see how to put it in my blog. There were several sports related pods that I liked-it seemed like I was watching the news on TV. Again, I can see that this would be a helpful tool to customers in their search for info.

You Tube

Here is a sight that I have used a lot from home to torture my kids with old 70s and 80s songs like "The Bertha Butt Boogie", "Mr Jaws", "Long Tall Glasses" and "Rock Lobster"-to name a few.

Web 2.0 Awards list

This is the short list? Only a 123 that I wish I had time to play with more of them! I was able to check out 'Fuzz Mail". Not sure what the point of that was-to see how fast (or slow )you type an e-mail? Arcaplay has lots of games. I tried out Frantic, and MarioCart Underground. I also checked out "Guess The Google" but it would not tell you the correct answer.


I like that you would be able to use it anywhere from the web. I guess now I will be able to play with(edit/update) my documents that I can now save to Desk Now.